Ottoman Art in Saint Helena
Ottoman Art in Saint Helena

OTTOMAN ART is owned and operated by Ibrahim Agirman, a professional Oriental rug expert and owner of the business since 1990.

About Ibrahim Agirman

Ibrahim travels extensively to purchase all of the store’s merchandise himself.  He also owns a hotel and another Ottoman Art store in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ibrahim was born in Sivas Central Turkey which is famous for the Kangal dog and Oriental handmade rugs. He then moved to Istanbul in 1984 when he was 12. Ibrahim graduated high school in Istanbul and afterwards decided education wasn’t for him. He open his first Oriental rug store in 1990 in Istanbul near Hagia Sophia.

When Ibrahim was a child his mother and sisters were making rugs and Ibrahim remembers the constant smell of the rug dust. He says,

“Once you smell the dust of the rugs, it’s hard to leave the business.”

Ibrahim is well known as an Oriental rug expert, having specialized in Oriental rugs since 1990. He moved to California 2011 and soon opened his store in Saint Helena, bringing handmade Turkish Oriental rugs and Kilim rugs, handmade Iznik ceramics, Turkish mosaic lamps, Turkish Ottoman jewelry, and handmade Susanni boots.

Ibrahim Agirman


“Store of wonders: Ottoman Art on Main Street in St. Helena”

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Ibrahim Agirman
Ibrahim Agirman

Ottomanart Istanbul
ebussud caddesi No :9-10-11
sirkeci /Istanbul /turkey
phone : +90 212 522 0090

Ottoman Art Saint Helena, CA
1228 Main Street
Saint Helena, CA 94574
(707) 963-9300

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